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At Mr & Miss paws we ensure that your pet is treated with utmost care in a very gentle manner, Your adorable pets go through a wonderful experience, which is stress free and enjoyable, Our first priority is your pets comfort, and keeping in mind their past medical history and experience, we handle them with love and care.


Treatments & Spa Services

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trick and flea treatment

Tick and Flea Treatment

Our tick & flea treatment instantly kills and repels ticks, fleas, lice, mites along with larve and eggs which can be hard to see with the naked eye. Safe and gentle for dogs and cats, the product contains ingredients such as aloe vera extract which soothes the skin where bites where bites and imitation have been caused by parasites.

If ticks/fleas are found, treatment will be compulsory and added to your.

INR 300



your fur-baby Deserves a relaxing massage after a ruff day at work. A massage helps improve your pets blood-flow, decreases blood pressure and relieves anxiety & stress. It relaxes muscles and even reduces pain in achy joints. indulge in a wider range of massages as per your choice each having their own special benefits:

Healing massage: Trick & Flea Repelling provides Itch relief & helps canine dermatitis. Uses 100% natural ingredients, Neem, Alce & essential oils.

Calming massage: Using 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil, Nourishes the coat

INR 400/500/600/700

trick and flea treatment


Pamper your pooch with a paw-dicure at Mr. Paws. This include a nail cut and file to smoothen those rough edges and keep you scratch free, under-paw fur removal which helps keeps your pet cool (sweat gland, are located under the paws). Along with a relaxing paw massge using over all natural paw butter!

handmade neem

Handmade Neem and Turmeric Soap bath

Handmade, with completely natural ingredients, this soap works beautifully to wash off the oil post a healing and deep conditioning spa session. You will need one or two rinses with the soap depending on length of your dog’s coat and amount of oil you’ve applied. Suited for dogs prone to yeast infections. Loaded with anti bacterial & anti fungal properties of Neem.

Reetha Shikakai


Reetha-Shikaki-Amla Indian organic spa All natural, no lather skin cleanser. Mild on the skin, restores natural oil balance. The holy trinity of Reetha-Shikaki-Amla blended with Krishna Sirisha leaves and shade dried chamomile flowers from the Himalayas.

Oat and turmeric Ayurvedic spa

Oat and turmeric Ayurvedic spa

Oats and turmeric spa - Handmade, with completely natural ingredients, this soap works beautifully to wash off the oil post a healing and deep conditioning our Ayurvedic spa session. Oats based products are not recommended for dogs prone to yeast infections. This soap is hand made with the goodness of oats, cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed sesame oil, turmeric powder and turmeric root oil.

Chamomile spray spa

Chamomile spray spa

Naturally grown wild chamomile flowers, shade dried in the the Himalayas, these beauties can be used to make a soothing skin spray for your dog to keep them smelling clean & fresh in between baths. It works very well to soothe itchy, sensitive skin.

trick and flea treatment

Meow Spa All the goodness of organic

Meow Spa All the goodness of organic , minus the karpurah or camphor so that your cats can also use it & hate us for it anti tick/flea pack. Helps heal a host of skin issues. Enhances the quality of the coat & keeps skin healthy.

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Mr. & Miss Paws has always been very helpful in times of need, I highly recommend their services.

Mr. Kumar

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